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The Russian-American Mystic Maitreya (Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky, *1954 in Moscow) is an internationally famous artist and philosopher, the founder of Maitreism (the Teachings of Maitreya), composer, pamphleteer, author of screen-plays and such books as "The Way of Seven Stars. The Diary of a Russian Mystic” (published in Russian and German), "Oddie’s Fairy Tales" (published in Russian) and “Bestseller" (published in Russian)... Maitreya has been a dissident, part of the Moscow underground, its unofficial art scene. Following the call of Spirit, he left Russia (USSR back then) at the height of his career. He spent twelve years in Germany (Frankfurt-am-Main), eleven in the US (L.A.), and has been living in Germany again for the past three years (Berlin). Now, in 2014, (at the round age of 60), the Author of the present "Empire of Maitreya" finally feels fully prepared to create an online version of the Teaching as final step, a celebration of a “Full circle” made by the Pentagram. This is it for external life.

Was born in Concepcion , Paraguay in 1960 Although he never studied art at any of fine arts academies, as an adolescent he attended several drawing work shops. He has developed this technique during his first art experiences and this has deeply influenced his managing of the 'Clarooscuro' and the tone value scale of these paintings. In the year 1987 he entered into te world of painting as an artist, organizing his first art show earning an award in drawing at a contest held by The 'Magister Gallery' in Asuncion . Since then he has developed his paintings in a very prolific way , participating at many arts shows in Asuncion an abroad. Obsessed by the light of the 'Tenebristas' painters, Miranda has studies the works of Rembrantd, Caravaggio, Vermeer and the Compositions of Sanchez Cotan, Giorgio Morandi and specially Antonio Lopez which has motivated him to seek beyond the academic virtuosity with a pragmatic painting , exploring deeper into the illusionist aspect of images , with a simple composition, Miranda not only seeks 'Visual Effect' but also 'Visual Affection' with elements through which the viewer finds easy communication and at the same time stimulates his visual perception. Upon studying the form and colors of the composition , the artist considers 'light' as being the protagonist of the paintings. At present Miranda is developing the 'Bi Realism series', which consist of integrating the support (Wood panel, canvas, paper, pasteboard, etc,) into the painting, conserving the visual aesthetics while bringing together the real and the ' Virtual ' reality From 1993 to 1997 he taught painting at the 'Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes' (National Fine Arts school) of Paraguay. Since 1998 he teaches realistic painting at the private studio and gives seminars at many institutions of art. At the moment, Hernan Miranda is living and working in the United Stated of America.


During the 70's I was involved in teaching and academic counseling at the University of Pennsylvania, and had volunteered as a drug counselor at a free clinic in Philadelphia. I had begun to feel that traditional academic psychology wasn't really addressing the issues of the inner journey or the way in which we view the world. Books on consciousness, mysticism, meditation, drug experiences and altered realities were just beginning to make it into popular culture. As a result, my interests began to evolve and my teaching became less traditional. I began teaching my students to meditate. We were reading the Tao Te Ching, The Bhagavad-Gita, books by Ram Dass, Carl Rogers. Castenada, Huxley, Watts and others. The concepts of altered realities, subjective reality, and mystical consciousness were becoming a part of my thinking. I wanted to demonstrate in art the ideas that I was studying and teaching. The theme that occupied my thoughts was one of multiple realities. I had read many accounts of adventures in mystical consciousness and was certain that the most basic concept to understand and accept is that two realities can exist simultaneously. Both can be correct even though each is different. In 1975 I turned to photography as the medium to illustrate the coexistence of two realities. I remember the moment that the idea for Bodyscapes® came to me. I was thinking that the shape and structure of the universe repeated itself at every level and suddenly I had the image in my mind of a skier going down a breast. This was it - the universe repeating its shapes - a body looking like a mountain. It was also an example of two realities coexisting.

Tomas Loewy was born in Prague and grew up in Buenos Aires, Munich, New York. Moving to South Florida gave him the vision of Miami's optimism and creativity enhancing sunshine, shooting for body and soul. Based on his international background with previous ventures in journalism, television, film and the online world, Tomas chose photography, molding his images with a love for moments, situations, time lapse, detail and human emotions.
Part of Tomas Loewy´s photography comes from the refusal to be content with the comfortable life most people lead. Comfortable not in a material sense, but most of us get (too) comfortable in the knowledge that basic needs are satisfied. As a consequence people strive to avoid ruptures in their biographies for the sake of that one paralyzing notion, stability.ds are satisfied. As a consequence people strive to avoid ruptures in their biographies for the sake of that one paralyzing notion, stability.

Her work has garnered much critical acclaim nationally and internationally. Winning awards for Graphic Design and Creatives Ad campaigns ideas such a Cannes Festival, One show, London Awards, Clio Awards, NY Festivals, Emmy Awards and many others.Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum, New York City, USA, Bella Galleria, Milan, Italy; the Museum of the Louvre, Paris France, and the Lucid Gallery,Spectrum Miami Art Basel 2015, Miami. Other shows include Veni Vedi Social Club, Miami; the Why Art Gallery, Miami Beach; Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, Miami Beach, and the Cuban American Phototeque Art District, Miami. Rusin’s color and b&w digital media work includes 3-D animation. She is an instructor for digital photography at Miami-Dade Community College.


Born in 1983 in NY. Started out drawing and dedicating time to art for fun and teenage escape. It has always been the easiest way for me to express myself. The drawing started to get more and more photo realist and I started to get bored so I tried out painting and haven't stopped since. I painted with acrylics for about 12 years and soon felt I needed a new I started painting with oils. At times you feel like a scientist because it continuously seems like it is limitless.


Mattijsen is a local Miami artist of Dutch descent originally from Texas. Currently pursuing an Illustration degree from the Academy of Art University, she prefers working in a variety of mediums and experimenting with different techniques. She has always been fascinated by the female form and mainly focuses on that subject in all her work, in one form or another. "I have many years of experience as an illustrator with specialties in fantasy, logo design, book illustration, pin-ups, children's illustration, and much more. If you can imagine it, I can create it"

Worked in Nationals and International Ad agencies. He launched his own experimental AD agency in 2006, Firefly Ad Next. They Secured the HBO Latin American Campaign for Steven Spielberg’s series The Pacific. Among others like Rome, Mandrake, Filhos do Carnaval and Mulher do Faces.
During his tenure, The Association of Hispanic Advertising agencies in USA nominated him for the “Creative Director of The Year Award”. Hector‘s groundbreaking creative direction has also been instrumental in campaigns for big brands like: Coca Cola, Goodyear, Bayer, Ford Motor Company, Kimberly Clark, Shell, and American Airlines.

His work has garnered much critical acclaim nationally and internationally. Winning awards for Graphic Design and Creatives Ad campaigns ideas such a Cannes Festival, One show, London Awards, Clio Awards, NY Festivals, Emmy Awards and many others.
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